20" x 24" Custom Oil Painting Portrait!

20" x 24" Custom Oil Painting Portrait!

Multiple Locations

Multiple Locations

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Imagine having a timeless and stunning oil painting portrait of your loved ones to hang above the mantel. Consider an elegant portrait of the man or lady of the house or a portrait of your child before they head to kindergarten. Include your entire immediate family if you please. Master Portrait Artist Donald Robert Sayles specializes in giving clients a unique portrait that reflects the person’s essence on a piece of canvas. INCLUDED: -Photo session with one of our professional photographers in your hometown in the continental United States. -20" x 24" custom oil painting portrait of the subject's head and shoulders (frame not included) -Include your entire immediate family members as subjects. Extended family may be added for a fee. -Shipping of the portrait You will be part of the entire process of selecting the background setting, clothing, and artist style. Location: Multiple Details: 20" x 24" Custom Oil Painting Portrait!, Valid at multiple locations Restrictions: Frame not included. Upgrades to a larger canvas available for a fee. Include extended family or other mixed groups as subjects for a fee. Valid only within the continental United States. Certificate expires 12 months after event date. Valid: Valid for a variety of dates throughout the year

Classic Portrait Source by Sayles, with studios in Chicago and Detroit, has been providing families with the finest quality of commissioned oil paintings and fine photographic portraits since 1945. By the time a family has grown and the children have moved , there should be at least one portrait of each person in the family. -A portrait of the lady of the house (in her wedding gown or an elegant portrait that captures her personality) -The Man (a portrait that incorporates his profession or hobby) -Each child (preferably, between the age of 2 to 6) -A grouping of all of the children after the youngest is at least two to three years of age -The entire family before the family structure changes with engagements and weddings CHILDREN Your child is very important to your family and the more often they get that message, the more it registers. For years, many young families have followed a wonderful tradition of having an “Oil Painting” style wall portrait of each child at 3-5 years old, before they start Kindergarten. The first child in the family starts the process with their wall portrait, and each child that follows has their turn to be added to the “Wall of Honor”. “I think they knew they were important before but, after the portraits was hung, there is no doubt about it,” said a mother from Fenton, Michigan One grandmother who sponsors a wall portrait of each grand child at 4 ½ years said, “Once we started the program with the first grandchild, the others were extremely excited when it became their turn . . . we have one more to go.” “ Every day the kids see the portraits on the wall when they get up to start the day – they know they must be important.” Besides the positive effect on the child’s self esteem, the parents have a wonderful piece of artwork that captures each child at the “Golden Age of Childhood”.

A note from Three Rivers Waterkeeper: Our end of year online auction is raising money to support our efforts for cleaner water in our region. The Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio Rivers make up the headwaters of the Ohio River Basin and provide drinking water to over 5 million people and support a variety of plant and animal life. These rivers suffer from a combination of legacy and novel pollution sources, the most common of which are acid mine drainage, combined sewage overflows, increased flooding and stormwater events, and industrial pollution. Nearly a third of our region’s rivers and streams are considered impaired by the PA Department of Environmental Protection. The Three Rivers Waterkeeper protects the drinking water of nearly five million people and the habitat of many animals and plants, including endangered species such as the salamander mussel. Over the modern history of our region, mass industrialization polluted our waterways, and our rivers became devoid of aquatic life. Fortunately, with the implementation of the 1972 Clean Water Act and subsequent clean water laws at the local, state, and federal levels, community organizations have been able to hold polluters accountable. As a result, we have seen wildlife come back to our rivers – including our national bird, the Bald Eagle. On or along the Allegheny River alone, the US Forest Service has documented over 50 mammals, 200 birds, 25 amphibians, 20 reptiles, 80 fishes, and 25 freshwater mussels. These waterways also serve as a source of recreation and a way to connect people to nature through positive experiences on our waterways. As your Waterkeeper based in Pittsburgh, we hold polluters accountable and ensure that our local, state and federal governments enforce the clean water laws which protect the public and environmental health. We combine scientific and legal advocacy to protect the water quality of the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio Rivers, and their respective watersheds. We are part of the Waterkeeper Alliance—a global movement of organizations working for clean, healthy, and abundant water for all people and the planet. We also partner with local environmental organizations to educate our community members, connect them to their waterways, and ensure clean waters for future generations. Protecting our waterways is critical to the health and economic prosperity of our region and to ensuring environmental justice for our communities. Your support makes a difference!

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